Our mission

Protecting people from daily attacks by viruses, hampering viral replication mechanisms leading to the development of various pathologies. Thanks to medical devices, supplements, guidelines and protocols based on the use of new formulations and active ingredients combining efficacy and tolerability, we set ourselves the goal of preventing and reducing the development of viral symptoms and of boosting the individual’s defence system.

Our vision

Acting as the organisation of reference for those seeking an innovative cultural approach in the health field, based on independent scientific research, the availability of products using natural active ingredients and instruments of proven efficacy.

I valori che distinguono A&R Pharma.


Committing our resources to research, with the scope of alleviating symptoms and finding the causes of the pathologies treated.


Releasing products tested with in vivo and in vitro clinical trials totally avoiding the involvement of animals.


Refining active ingredients and using components to eliminate any side effects.


Being capable of taking on the commitment, responsibilities and risks of innovative thinking, approaches and products.


Being faithful to our principles, at the same time respecting the values of the people and communities with which we work.

Where we operate

Brescia, Italy

  • Brescia
  • Pavia
  • Cuneo

  • University of Pharmacology in Turin
  • University of Medicine in Udine
  • University of Sassari, Biomedical Science Department
  • Policlinico di Zingonia Gruppo San Donato

  • Italy
  • Europe
  • Middle East

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