We interact directly with medical staff and pharmacists, for whom we have always drawn up full and effective scientific documentation and informative material.

Constant updates

Constant updating takes place through: consignment of product fact sheets, related papers and any clinical trials and bibliographical material to doctors by our medical-scientific representatives.

Training and Workshop

We organise training days and workshops. We are present at specialist national and international fairs, conferences and meetings for the sector.

Reserved area online

We offer access to a restricted online area where it is possible to find further information and scientific material about the products.

External Forces

To guarantee the high quality of the information services provided to doctors, we make sure that our medical-scientific and pharmaceutical representatives are always very well prepared and informed. We dedicate major resources to training and updating these representatives.


We are in line with the current market and we promote company communication, paying attention to consumer needs and placing an emphasis on clear communication and the excellent quality of our products.

Our devotion to our customers, and the trust they put in us each day with their purchases, are the basis for a lasting relationship with the company.

We believe that communication can help the consumer to make suitable choices when purchasing supplements and medical devices in order to achieve a globally healthy and active lifestyle.


In the field of viral infections, we invest in research in therapeutic areas where the clinical need is unsatisfied and treatment involves painful and invasive procedures. We look for alternative solutions that combine efficacy, tolerability of the treatment and the use of active natural ingredients.

The research guidelines concern the following areas:

• Decrease in the viral load
• Boosting immune defence
• Chelation therapy

Projects currently in the pipeline include:

• Medical devices with antiviral properties • Papilloma virus
• Herpes Simplex 1 and 2
• Herpes Zoster
• DNA viruses in the Poxviridae family

The research investigates methods increasing the synergistic effects of components in the formulations, in order to develop medical devices, supplements, guidelines and protocols, and new molecules to act on pathogens and boost the immune system.

A network of partners guided by a Scientific Committee and collaboration with university research centres guarantee the efficacy and safety of our products.