herpasogel - Protective active soothing gel

herpasogel proves to be an excellent remedy formulated to soothe itching and abbreviate the resolution time of the irritating processes.

What is herpasogel?

It is a medical device that thanks to its active components:

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Provides relief from the unpleasant symptoms of pain, itching and redness

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Is efficient in the prevention and treatment of shingles, chicken pox, genital herpes and condylomas

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Is efficient in the prevention and treatment of warts and molluscum contagiosum of children

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Helps to prevent the recurrence of relapses after condylomas treatment

Why use herpasogel?

herpasogel proves to be an excellent remedy formulatedto soothe itching and abbreviate the resolution time of the irritating processes. When applied promptly upon the onset of the symptoms, it avoids the inflammatory process of infection from Herpes Zoster, Herpes Simplex 2, itching and irritation of the external genitals, condyloma, warts and molluscum contagiosum.

What does it contain?

A mixture of mostly natural active components:


The + ions of copper destroy the viral capsid
(the external envelope) through the oxidation of
the proteins that form the capsid and cause a degradation of the viral DNA, blocking its replication and diffusion


Film-forming polymer with a threedimensional structure that favours the permanency of the Copper Gluconate molecules on the action site, limits the diffusion of viruses and bacteria and favours the natural moisturizing of the skin


Anti-inflammatory activity through the inhibition of the NFkB, a pro-inflammatory transcription factor

Antioxidant activity through the activation of the transcription of the Nrf2, cytoprotective/antioxidant transcription factor

Antipruritic activity through the interaction with the endogenous cannabinoid system present
in the skin


Molecular bio liquefaction technology

Anti-inflammatory activity of the flavonoids with a mechanism of action of inhibition
of the production of Cox-2, TNF-α and IL-6, proinflammatory mediators

Humectant and healing activity of the polysaccharides which have a high hydrating activity which prevents skin irritations


Is a lipophilic solution extracted from the skin
of the Zanthoxylum bungeanum fruits called also pepper of Sichuan.

High and fast anti-itching, soothing and anti-irritant activity of the alkylamides hydroxy-alpha sanshool

More details about herpasogel

Apply a dose of gel on the areas of the skin to be treated with light touches. Wait for it to dry before getting dressed again. Repeat the application several times a day during the acute stage, then continue once per day as a prevention for the recurrence of relapses.

Can be used on all parts of the body, when applied on the skin it creates an invisible protective film that avoids rubbing with clothes.

  • The product is for external use
  • Store in a cool and dry place far from heat sources
  • Do not use after the expiry date indicated on the package
  • Do not use if the package is open or damaged
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Keep far from the eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of running water and contact your doctor
  • Do not use the product in case of prove

There are no known contraindications or side effects in the use of herpasogel.
In case of intolerance to the product, stop the treatment and contact your treating physician.

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