Washable protective filtering mask - herpasomask

herpasomask is a face mask in filter fabric for adults and children aged 6 and over, certified as a CLASS 1 CE medical device.

herpasomask represents the most protective washable mask on the Italian market.

It is a non-sterile medical device and can be reused up to 20 times.

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Washable protective filtering mask, made of a fabric blend: polyester, polyamide, polypropylene and elastane. Antimicrobial properties, water-repellent and elasticated, designed to be used to cover the nose and mouth, for use in the community.

The mask is a mechanical barrier against materials and substances.

The device has indeed been designed to prevent contamination between people and protects the respiratory tract from dust, droplets and other material.
Also suitable for self-protection during home medication.

The medical device is not sterile and can be reused.

What is EASY?

EASY is a convenient reusable strap that makes wearing a mask more comfortable.

Solves the problem of glasses misting up.
Eliminates ear pain caused by the mask’s elastic ear loops.

Allows you to keep your mask around your neck all the time without discomfort.

herpasomask details


Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) assessment.
Test result 98.5% (a figure higher than a Type I surgical mask and comparable to a Type II surgical mask).


Daily cost lower than for surgical masks, bearing in mind reuse.


Breathability (differential pressure) assessment. Test result 50%.

More details about herpasomask

Machine or hand wash without softeners, with water at 60 ° and neutral, non-aggressive detergents.

Resistance of antibacterial water repellent treatment: 20 washes. After use, dispose of in a bag in unsorted waste.

  1. Sanitise your hands by washing them with plenty of soap and water.
  2. Remove the mask from the packaging.
  3. Identify the inner side of the mask, highlighted by the coloured strings attached on the sides.
  4. Wear the mask by placing the bands one at a time behind the ears.
  5. Pull the bottom of the mask down to completely cover the nose, mouth and chin.
  • Mask fabric: polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, elastane.
  • Dimensions: adult 170×100 mm, children 130×100 mm
  • Colours: White, Jeans, Fantasy
  • CE certificate

The medical device can cause irritation on subjects who are particularly sensitive or allergic to the materials used in the mask. Do not use if you are allergic to the following materials: polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, elasthan.

Do not wear the device on the skin when there is a wound or irritation. In case of irritation caused by the product, consult a doctor.